Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer whirlwind tour

There have been so many things going on... I need to take a deep breath, think about where I am and what I'm doing, and, of course, upload it to my journal before it passes through the sieve of my memory into entropy.

After the wedding reception for C's mom, we kicked off our California tour with a casual sifter dinner in San Diego.

Then we drove to LA, where I worked with Troy (well, mostly Troy worked, and I slept) on the Elementary Particle Explorer. I'm very happy with how it's coming along.

A pleasant cruise up the 101 brought us to my friend Jim's new house in Santa Cruz. We surfed Pleasure Point, paddling around some cute Sea Otters. And I snuck into the woods to do some mountain biking.

Saturday was a crazy day. We briefly attended Patri's unemployment party at Tortuga. Then a jaunt up to Ocean Beach to visit with friends from TED -- Kevin and Jean and their dog -- to catch them before they jetted off. Then some delicious crab. And off to Rion's flavor-tripping party in The City, which was very cool.

Next, Crystal and I connected with some very friendly and interesting mathematicians, who hosted us in a house on the future grounds of the American Institute of Mathematics. This institute is an amazing place now, but they've recently broken ground on a... Math Castle.

It will sit in the center of what is currently a private, two-hundred acre golf course. And even if this castle is currently imaginary (as C displays below), this place is going to be huge. I've been calling it "Math-alot," but I don't know if that will stick.

For now, the vacant golf course and strong winds make it a great place for kiteboarding.

This past weekend, after visiting an amazing fellow named Jaron Lanier at his wild house in the Berkeley hills, it was off to Sci Foo Camp.

The weekend at SciFoo made the rest of my summer seem slow! There was way too much happening all at once -- a bit overwhelming. But it was very fun.

Now C and I are bouncing around the Bay Area before heading to Tahoe, where we'll prep for Burning Man. If anyone would like to meet up in Incline Village anytime August 18-22, where I'll be building The Oracle booth for this years burn, help would be much appreciated, and we could house and feed you for a couple days in the first Science Hostel.

Once we're on the playa, we'll be on the Esplanade at 9:30, at a camp with a large white dome. Look for the seven foot diameter E8 root system. :)

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