Monday, May 07, 2007

New science blog

I'm going to be moving some of my huge volume of journal posts over to the new FQXi physics blog:

FQXi blogs

I've got two posts there so far. Sadly, there's no math typesetting yet, so I can't throw down many equations to torture people. One of the FQXi founders humorously (I hope) commented that I was supposed to be on a beach in Maui, not hanging out in Lake Tahoe. So I posted surfing and snowboarding pics to show how hard I work. Heh. Hope having fun doesn't get me in trouble.

So, yes, my web presence is fracturing even more. The really technical stuff will go to Deferential Geometry, most of the physics thoughts will go to the FQXi blog, and the personal stuff will go here.

Hmm, personal stuff... C and I may be in LA for most of June. Then I'm heading to the LOOPS '07 quantum gravity conference in Morelia, Mexico, then another conference in Iceland in July. Yip! My talk is coming together nicely -- it's been a while.

Also, I've encountered a tiny speed bump (err, speed nevis?) in my ridiculously lucky life. C has been bugging me forever to see a dermatologist, not for anything in particular, but just because I'm a white boy who spends too much time in the sun. So I went in to see "The Mole Woman," as C's family refers to her. There was a colorful moment, after she asked me to flip my naked body over to check out my backside, when she mumbled "very nice" -- I almost told her "thanks, I do work out a bit." She decided to take a souvenir, and a few days ago she called to tell me the pathology report came back positive for a very minor melanoma. No big deal, really, I just have to go back in to contribute more flesh, and be more careful. And put up with even more pestering from C. ;)

I suppose it's going to make a better story if I discover some really cool new physics. The headline "Cancer survivor makes physics breakthrough!" sounds much more impressive than "Spoiled prep school brat continues to play with equations." But, really, I shouldn't demean the struggles of people who suffer and die, or persevere, by including myself in the same class -- since, really, this is the wimpiest cancer ever, a tiny spot on part of my back covered by fur anyway. Still, kind of sobering.

Anyway, back to work.

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