Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dremel fun

Yesterday C and went to the Home Despot after playing at the beach and purchased a dremel tool, ostensibly for her rock sculpting. But she was too busy this morning working on some paintings, so I took the dremel and a few CD's into the living room...
Turns out the rotary sanding bit fits perfectly into a CD hole. So, dawning appropriate eye shields, I spun that puppy up to 30,000RPM. I jiggled it loose onto the linoleum floor and it slowly bounced and gained speed down to the end of the hallway, where it beat its head against the bedroom door for a minute until it had spun down. C came out and we did a few more tricks. The most fun was letting it go horizontally over the kitchen floor, on which it zigzagged madly like a possessed hockey puck on speed.
Then, on about the fifth run, I pushed the CD onto the bit a little harder and let it spin up to maximum speed... POP! It exploded. Glittery foil bits rained down over the room, and little plastic shards spread everywhere.
Good geeky fun. Now I've got to clean up.

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