Saturday, May 14, 2005


After years of effort -- a full compliment of bruised body parts, too many mangled pieces of equipment to catalogue, flailing over and over again on patches of ocean from deep in Mexico to California and back to Hawaii -- today I succeeded in consistently kitesurfing upwind.

All it took was a steady thirty mile per hour wind and a foolhardy stubbornness to get over an utter lack of natural ability. I was really close a few days ago, but my efforts had been hindered when I almost immediately knocked off one of my fins on the reef. But today, with a full set of fins, it was as if there had never been a problem. Yip!

A few of the more memorable moments: C laughing maniacally after releasing the kite and seeing me pulled twenty feet down the beach. Getting cocky with my new upwind skilz and launching way higher into the air then I had any idea how to deal with. But one of the best was watching C's full body tackle of a kite four times her size.

Fun stuff.

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