Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Carving video

Last week was a blast. Bomber Industries hosted their annual Summit Expression Session, a gathering of about a hundred of the best carvers on the planet. At one point we realized that if some tragedy took out everyone at the dinner -- say, if the lasagna had been poisoned -- that our peculiar style of riding and equipment would probably vanish from existence. The men who make the boards, the bindings, etc. -- all gone. So, if you're out skiing and you see some guy laying big deep turns down a mountain on a carving board, the chances are pretty good he was here last week. A few of these characters even stayed at my house: Kevin, a commercial fisherman who brought a chest full of fish and shrimp down from Alaska -- oh. my. god. that was good. And Sean and Mark, instructors from carving camp -- they were hilarious, like an old gay married couple. So, hanging out with these kids for a week was great.

One day riding at Beaver Creek I hooked up with a videographer, Lowell Hart, who's written a book on snowboarding. I'd never seen myself on video before, so that was really cool. I got ahold of some clips (yes, all of me, thus proving myself narcissistic as hell) and put them together into a 7Meg quicktime movie:

Garrett having fun.

So that's what I'm doing up here in the mountains. And, yes, it is as much fun as it looks.

The music (Tricky, "Black Steel") is from the playlist I listen to while riding. And no photographers were injured in the making of this video, despite appearances. Heh. Damn out of control snowboarders.

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