Saturday, January 24, 2004

Ahh, the sweet taste of success

For eight years I struggled with parking around the UCSD campus. It's cut-throat -- vying for the few free spots on the outlying streets, circling the lots like a vulture, waiting for a spot to open up, often parking a mile away and biking, skating, or walking the rest of the way in. It just makes it that much sweeter when there's a reserved spot with my name on it in the center of campus:


The perfect place to park my skateboard. Go ahead, hate me, I can take it.

The rest of the trip was good too. My mom and dad freaked out when dad's bmw broke down on the way back from the desert -- from under dad's car: "look, it's no big deal, this sort of thing happens all the time..." I guess not to them. The surf was decent. Nice gentle Santa Ana winds blowing for the first few days. And the extreme tides kept things interesting -- two hours surfing by myself at Windansea, w00t!

And I found surprisingly good female companionship. :) I'll have to go back again sooner than I planned.

Now I'm back home in the snow, which isn't so bad.

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