Saturday, August 24, 2002

The good

I'm visiting my grandma at her beach house in Santa Barbara.

My last entry gave a list of car parts, today I have a different list:

sea lion (bad breath)

two pods of dolphins (one swam up to me in the kayak, others went by right beneath -- close enough to hear whistles)

small shark

two rays

many birds

My head has finally cleared enough, after the car trauma of the past week, that I've decided on a new and interesting physics research path: I'm playing with spinor fields as a possible BRST compliment to the vielbein of GR. It may be pretty cool if it works. But it's going to take some serious brain sweat -- a good thing.

Dorothy seems well, but at 92 she says she's "starting to shut down." This whole aging and dying thing really sucks. She's a great woman and is taking things much much better than I probably will at this stage.

I'm off to San Francisco next. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to The Burn. I'm kind of Burned out. Will see.

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