Wednesday, July 10, 2002


My family came to Maui! We spent a few days in Oahu and then flew over. Before boarding the inter-island plane, the ever wise Wackenhut security personal pulled aside my sister, father, and mother (MY MOTHER!) for extra screening. Here's Dad getting patted down and scanned:

Now, I mean, my sister, sure, I can see the terrorist thing... but my mother and father??? It makes me laugh with a bitter, ironic, and ultimately sad laughter at what this country has become. And look grimly to where it is going.

The Nazi's on Maui also took A's tweezers after rifling through our carry-on luggage. Good thing too -- there was a stewardess on board who may have been in grave danger of losing some of the longer hairs between her eyebrows.

Most of the time my family spent eating and digesting. Here at Jacques' (I've decided the French use as many vowels as Hawaiians, but are too snooty to pronounce them):

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