Thursday, July 06, 2000

INTP's Moving

It was hilarious to be one of three "P's" (as in INTP and ISFP Kiersey
personality/temperments) making a decision.  We traced down possibilities
and finally decided, painfully, to make a deposit on a rental house in
Kula that I have dubbed "Cloud City."  It's a big empty house, up high in
the clouds, with a view of the lower half of the island and ocean.  I'm
looking forward to getting some physics done in an appropriate setting.

Hmm, I wonder how many miles a good paper airplane would fly off the deck
up there...

I persuaded my girlfriend and her best friend to rent "Lolita" last
night.  Heh.  Good movie.  She's still thinking about it.

The school has had three new volunteers show up this week.  I told them
they came to the party just in time to help clean up.

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