Saturday, July 01, 2000


Yawn.  Stretch.  Scratch scratch.  Kiss girl.  Escape girl.  Poor cereal.  Munch
munch.  Open door to school.  Stumble.  Hmrph, pretty sunrise.  Koi fed? 
Basement.  What the?!?  Splish splash.  Basement filled two inches deep in
water.  Diagnosis: water feeding into pool for days, overflowing into basement
and KOI POND.  Prognosis: chlorinated water = dead fish.  Look for water shut
off valve, fail to find.  Plan.  Run upstairs.  Fill bathtub.  Get bucket.  Wake
girl.  Grab pool skimming net.  Fill bucket with water.  Heh, these koi aren't
dead yet, hard to catch.  Catch eight koi, one at 20+ lbs, with small net, into
bucket, upstairs to tub.  Girl tries to save smaller fish.  Fish in tub of fresh
water, Haiku chemical level in tap reputed to be low, emergency abated.  Call
school people.  Panic ensues.  Heh.  Pool guy comes (was trained two days ago);
knows exactly where valve shut off is, and shuts it (hmm, guess that explains
how it got left on).  Basement water plan.  Pumps disfunctional.  Hoses set up
as siphons from pond to over the cliff.  School person shows up.  Cries over
fish.  Matriarch shows up with four inch long water pump that fails to turn on. 
She moves the siphon hoses around, breaking the suction.  Lecture on elementary
hydrodynamics delivered.  Siphon reestablished.  She moves them again.  School
person goes to get water treatment, good.  Pond refilled with fresh water. 
Water treated.  Image: large, mostly naked woman in bathtub with eight very
large koi.  Dada lives!  Fish to bucket, back to pond.  Assembly meeting. 
School closing.

The operation was a success, but the patient died.

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