Friday, October 29, 1999

First Board

I followed Kip Wylie's advice and found a board at Hawaiian Island Surf &
Sport that they were eager to get rid of.  (It was a Mistral Screamer, 8'6",
listed at $500, on sale for $300, and I got the guy to sell it to me for
$200.)  I had gotten some ancient used equipment, including a way too small
board, yesterday for very cheap and put it all together today at Kanaha and
went out for some punishment.

First off, Dang! There's big hunks of coral down there in the sand!  I've got
nasty little cuts all over da feet.  I know, I know, tomorrow I get some

So, the actual windsurfing part did not entail hopping on the board and
tearing off towards the horizon.  More of an endless repetition of amazingly
humorous (to those on the beach) attempts to water start.  I did barely
manage to get up and going once for about six feet, before being launched, by
starting in chest high water with the mast pointed up and into the wind and
letting it pull me up onto the board just behind the mast.

But I was not at all successful in lifting the sail up to catch the wind
without standing on the bottom.  How the heck do you do that?  The sail just
wants to sink, and if I try to hold it up while treading water, then me and
the sail sink.  So, how do you do it?  Is there some way of using the board
to lever the sail up?  Should I swing my legs over the board somehow then
lift the sail?  What gives?

Oh, man, am I sore.  More tomorrow though.

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