Thursday, October 28, 1999



I'm standing on the bluff overlooking Ho'okipa.  A collection of surfboards
is scattered around the back of my truck, the truck freshly retrieved off the
Matson docks.  Out on the water it looks like a big colorful playground, a
swarm of bright sails all in chaotic motion.  The wind is blowing the waves
apart -- but one man's blown out wave is another man's perfect launch ramp.
Looks like I need to learn a new sport...

So, where do I start?  I've been in San Diego for the last eight years
(getting a PhD in theoretical physics), surfing a lot and sailing a
catamaran.  I've windsurfed a handful of times, on the very rare days that it
was possible to get up on a plane.  I was able to water start a couple of
times, but just barely.

And now, after years of thinking about it, I've up and moved to Maui -- where
windsurfing appears to be my future.  (with some kitesurfing to be thrown in
soon, ya?)  I've got a truck, lots of surfing and sailing experience, a
painfully explicit knowledge of aero/hydrodynamics, a thousand dollars or so
to potentially spend on equipment if I don't eat too extravagantly, some
clumsy windsurfing attempts under my belt, a good, if somewhat impatient,
attitude, and a million and one questions for you windsurfing blokes.

And there's no rec.windsurfing FAQ. :(


Where's the best (and cheapest) place to find a used windsurfer that I'll be
able to learn how to water-start on and still be happy with in a few months?
(Any bulletin boards for used equipment?)

Equipment recommendations? I'm ~185lbs.  Those 8' waveboards sure look cool,
but can I learn on one or will I just sink and curse?  On the other hand, I
have water-started and planed once or twice, so I think I'm beyond the 12'
tourist plank.

How do I rig and tune the sail?

Is there a good windsurfing howto book?

Do any rec.windsurfer's sail at Kanaha?  Might be able to meet in person and
talk about the sport here on Maui?

I've got lots more questions, most of which I don't even know enough to ask

It's good to be on Maui.


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